10 Easy Ways to increase your creativity!


Having a creative thinking is an important one to survive in the today modern world. As a web/graphic designer, it is very important for us. Not only for us, for every field, there is a need for creativity. Here I am going to share 10 tips to increase your creativity level. Just try it and feel the difference.

1. Meditate

Train your mind with the help of meditation. Select a peaceful place and sit with your comfortable Postures. Close your eyes and don’t think anything, just put your mind in the empty position. If you find difficult to put your mind in the empty position, you can repeat a mantra (or) concentrate on your breath. Just do it daily for about 5 – 10 minutes.

Through meditation, your ultimate goal is focusing your mind. When you are able to set your mind focused, you can think creatively. Important thing during meditating please gives rest to your phone.

2. Listen to Music

Believe it! Music has the power to affect your mind immediately. Listening good music is also one type of meditation because it controls your mind and takes it with them. Collect the good music and store it on your phone or computer.

Whenever you feel disturbed, listen to your favorite music. Try to stick with the music, for example, feel like you play the music (or) you dance for the music (or) fly in the sky along with that music. Surely your mind will get relaxed. Now you will get the good energy to think creatively.

3. Daydream

Daydream is not like sleeping in the day and go to the dream. Daydream is your mind fly from current place and situation to the future (or) any other your favorite places.  For example, when you was a student, in the classroom your teacher had taken the class, you were physically present in the class but your mind went to some other places like you had played your favorite sports and won the championship.

So during the daydream, your mind can able to fly wherever places at any time. You can achieve anything and everything in a daydream. Nobody can stops you and it gives you full energy and positive thinking.

4. Think outside of the box

There is no mandatory rules and regulation for thinking. You have the freedom for thinking so, nobody can ask you like why you thought like this. Don’t set the limitation to your mind because if you set wall to your mind then how can you get new idea beyond that?

For example, to design a logo or banner there are no rules to follow. If you feel like “logo must be like this and banner must be like this”, then your mind will rotate within the “like this” circle. Break that wall and try to think beyond that. Don’t afraid for others like what he/she will tell. Think positive and take the risk then only you can improve your creativity and can create new things.

5. Get someone else opinion

It is a good thing or a good habit to get an opinion from people around you because everybody will have a different opinion. From their opinion, you can get new ideas and you can think differently. But be confidence in your thinking and decision making. Somebody may give you good opinion somebody may not.But one important thing, don’t underestimate anybody because they also will have their own idea.

6. Write by hand

“I have my mobile and PC so I can type in it, then why do I need to write by hand?”  Please don’t think like this. Because writing plans and ideas are a good habit, it will help you to achieve what you want.

Have a habit of writing on sticky notes and stick it near your workstation. Whenever ideas fall from your mind try to note it in your notebook. Because after sometimes you may forget that idea. Naturally, when you write something, your thinking will increase. So you can think differently and can create something new.

7. Gesture with two hands

Train to use both hands for writing, using the mouse like this. Because when you train to use both hand, the power, and creativity level of the brain will get an increase. You know left-hand user have high creativity level.

8. Rethink labels

When you are in the confused mood or when your mind becomes dry to think, you may try this method. It is simple, pick any object (like toy, plant etc.,) and break it. Now you have different parts of that object in your hand and this method is called as “generic parts technique”.

What is the use of doing this? When you are doing like this, you will get an ability to think the alternative solution. You can able to split the problem and come up with the different solution.

9. Stay Positive

Already you know, many people used to say this word “think positive, all will be okay!”  Yes, it is true. Positive thinkers have the ability to create miracle things! Stay away from the negative thinking because it will kill your creativity.

If you take a strong decision, then please stick to it with confidence and positive thinking. A lot of people will try to confuse you by saying negative words. But it is in your hand how you are going to handle that. If you are a positive thinker then you have already solved 80% of your problem. Also, positive thinker only will be able to think creatively.

10. Walk

Try to avoid sit in one place for a long time and think for a creative solution. When you start to walk, it will stimulate your mind to think more. If you are in the office or any other place, just try this method and you will surely feel the difference.

These are the small things I have used to do to increase my creativity level and now I am sharing it with you. I believe it will help you for your daily activities. Please share your feedback and opinion in below comment section.

What are the other methods you know and you have tried to increase your creativity level?