Top 5 Simple SEO Mistakes


You have decided that you are going to focus on SEO for your essential optimizing and traffic strategy, so that Bing and Google and Yahoo helps you in sending hundreds of visitors for each day, without any charge. In this way, you try to find new phrases and do keyword research which can bring a huge traffic to your site.

SEO is one of the biggest strategies which can be implemented easily but take the time to become a master in it which helps you to compete with very high traffic words and phrases.

In order to become a master in SEO you need to do more home works and in many cases, there will be lots of mistakes. Let us discuss the top 5 simple SEO Mistakes which occurs for a beginner.

1. Ignoring the usage of Analytics to check what it exactly converts

SEO isn’t just about creating a huge free traffic. It’s additionally about conversion. It’s very simple to find out which phrases brings more traffic to your site but still you will get stunned by not able to get a ranking even with high traffic and super competitive words.  In these cases, traffic doesn’t matter because even phrases with very less traffic will yield first-page ranking to the site which can increase your sales.

2. Local Search Are Not Optimized Properly

It is always effective to learn about the local search if you are running a business in a particular area or locality. Most of the search engines such as Google will handle the keywords differently when compared to the global keyword search.

It is always advisable to use the particular region keywords in both the title page and the description page. You should make sure you add the contact number and address on your pages. Don’t forget to list your sites in review networks and local sites.

3. The Right Keywords Are Not Optimized Effectively

This is a major one. It’s very easy to make mistake in optimizing the following:

  • The keywords those are global when the service is offered to local clients.
  • The keywords that are Generic which will attract the customers who have no interest in your services and products.
  • Keywords which are not useful for prospective customers who are ready to buy your products instead it will be helpful only for customers who need free information.
  • The keywords that are broad and used by most of the SEO expert who is striving hard to make their page the first ranking.
  • The keywords that are most competitive and is well known to everyone.

4. Not using a Unique Written Content

There are two ways to obtain a good content. Either you can recruit a low-paid content writer or use the software that can rework the already existing article and gives a unique and plagiarism free article.

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The biggest mistake that an SEO beginner makes is that utilizing a poorly written content. It is always advisable to hire a high-quality content writer who can deliver unique articles. It is best to spend investment on the; in order to get better results.

5. Fail to create a Link-Worthy Content

The worst thing about link building is that sometimes the uniquely written content will never get a good link. It should be exceptionally valuable if you want everyone to link to it. It is always necessary to publish in top lists such as text tutorials, video, and even infographics.

These are the major mistakes that every SEO beginner makes which can be corrected if they try to rectify their mistakes.