3 ways to upgrade the SEO and Content Marketing Strategy


SEO is one of those oft-misconstrued promoting activities. Content Marketing is less attractive but friendly, it is completely dependent on an algorithm and includes the research of shifting keyword research. Of course, Google is basically pulling the strings with regards to the condition of SEO today. All the online searches are managed over 60% by the algorithm and it has coordinated the course of SEO practices over the previous years.

The theory on SEO can be turned due to the Upgrades and changes in the algorithm Let us discuss the 3 ways to upgrade the SEO and Content Marketing Strategy.

1. The impact of the Search Engine

Nowadays the Google Search Engine has become the part of our everyday life. For example: do you need to know the timing of the cinema? Google it, Do you want to find a place? Google it,

It is been observed that at the end of 2015, totally 1.17bn Google searches are made per month.  These 1.17bn Google searches are researched before the people decide to buy the products and some may opt for advice before purchasing the products.

Therefore it is really important to rank first on the search engines and should occupy the first page. Thus SEO strategy is highly important because the algorithms had become very clever and more advanced.

2. Moving on from black-hat spammy tactics

In the past years, some agencies had employed black hat spammy tactics which are fully dead today.

Many are trying to trick Google which means they are trying to cheat the top brains of the technology which will never happen today. Even using black-hat tactics currently will move your web page index directly to the trash.

Everyone should realize that Google is not an algorithm rather it is a human interpreter. Marketers should always know how they can gain the support from the readers through social shares, promotions and back links. The more you promote your content, the more you will get the feedback from the readers. This is the naturally occurring and positive way to increase the rank in the search engines. We all know that content is king, therefore, try to utilize this strategy to achieve success.

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3. Building a successful SEO strategy in the correct way

Concentrating on quality content is important to your readers and it is the key factor here.

The following are the effective SEO strategy

  • A solid understanding of your readers, including what content they share, what they discuss and how they search is really important to be known.
  • The making of good quality contents that will be shared by your readers will easily gain the natural links
  • Brand building strategies, for example, influence promoting and PR to expand your brand name.
  • Some of Social listening tools including various activities such as identifying the target audience, analyzing what contents are expected by the audience and building links on the sites.
  • Utilizing the influencer outreach is the best way of breaking into the target audience.
  • Social intelligence helps you to build a good strategy link to connect with the audience.
  • Whatever may be the size of your business but a good SEO practice is always vital to improving your visibility and reach.
  • Increased promotion and social signals can boost your SEO and content research can increase the interest of the audience to your site.

Try out these 3 ways to upgrade the SEO and Content Marketing Strategy. Share this with your friends and don’t forget to share your feedback about this article and feel free to post your comments regarding your queries.