7 Reasons why Mobile Apps are essential for marketing


The marketing technology is rapidly growing by keeping experts on their toes. Given the speed in these technological advances, entrepreneurs might be surprised to find mobile apps are developing as one of the best marketing tools. It is difficult to see why People continually check their mobiles; scientists discovered that most of the people spend 33% of their day on their Mobile  phones, and 90% of this time is spent on apps. Everything on mobile is simple. Therefore marketing through Mobile apps will help in reaching the customers. Let us discuss few reasons why mobile apps are very useful for marketing.

Mobile apps are the Present and the Future

Nearly more than two billion people utilize Mobile phones. That number may increase to 2.5 billion by 2019. Apps are the life saver of Mobile phones. It’s no big surprise, that organizations are grasping the Mobile apps to keep themselves important in a changing technology world.

Apps Allow for Business to grow

We are much more interested in having our mobiles close by than a laptop.  A smartphone can achieve most of the things that are required for an entrepreneur. Now days even in business people use the mobile phone more often than compared to the laptop.

Most of the e-commerce business are grown today due to the advancement of smartphone features especially the mobile apps. People just get into the app and purchase their needs.

Apps are really purposeful

Saying this doesn’t mean that website are not useful but Apps are customized to convey a specific sort of experience. They offer particular advantages to clients, which makes it simple for them to collaborate with the company. The Even laptop provides the same service to the clients but why should we bother when mobile apps can make our life easier.

Apps increase Repeat Visits

People look for information through mobile phones and it is important that your company website is viewable through mobile.  You can possibly have an app which will increase the visitors in a huge count.

Small companies can benefit

So here is one more convincing purpose for you to consider an application. The vast majority local business and they do this through their mobiles. Small business also increases their mobile features. Your Mobile availability is additionally a ranking element with Google.

Local search engine optimization is also turning out to be increasingly important. Mobile apps can be an awesome promoting tool for Local business, for example. When you want people to join by means of their Google or Facebook logins, you can send them request or notifications and additionally coupon codes.

Timely and Immediate Application Notifications

Ever you noticed how Flipkart weekend sales that never neglect to arrive in our mobiles on Friday? You may neglect to check their site for offer and deals, but the notifications frequently fall into our spam mail every time. Apps are another approach to directly reach your client base in a way that is useful to them and your business, as well. It’s extremely excellent marketing, and gives a support to the clients, as well.

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Each business is distinctive and accordingly requires diverse advertising systems. Certain business or organizations are actually more suited to the Mobile site platform. Same as building up a website, you can discover numerous organizations that offer application improvement, so developing an application is workable for any business.

Thus Mobile apps are playing an important role in our life. Do you know more about marketing through a mobile app? The please don’t forget to share your ideas in the comment box. If you like this post then shares it with your friends.