Basic SEO tips for the beginner


Each business with a website should utilize the Search Engine Optimization. As a part of the growth strategy, you should try attempting to increase the rank of the search engine. At its most essential, SEO means finding a new strategy to expand your website’s appearance in the search result page of the visitors. This is also means bringing more traffic to your site. As a beginner, you should know few tips about basic SEO and we will discuss it in this article.

Monitor your Level

You won’t know whether your SEO endeavors are working unless you monitor your standings. You can use some tools like Google toolbar and Alexa which helps to monitor your page rank. It’s also essential to check your referrer log consistently to track where your visitors are originating from and the search terms they are utilizing to find your site.

Keywords is essential

You should be aware of using proper keywords all through each part of your sites such as your titles, URLs, image names, and content, Use keywords in such a way as somebody could search information on this particular theme. The two most significant spots to put keywords are the page header and the title page.

Link back to yourself

There is a most common and basic methodology for SEO which includes joining the internals links to your website. While making new content you should make it standard to link back to the archives frequently. You should also make the anchor content look as a search engine friendly. Make sure your links are appropriate and it doesn’t include more links which will annoy the visitor.

Make a sitemap and make URLs as user-friendly

Include a site map and make it as page linking. Add it to all the other pages on your site and this will help the spiders to search your website effectively. Name your URLs with clear keywords and make them a search engine friendly.

Try to avoid Flash

Flash may look pretty, yet it does nothing for your SEO. Flash, Frames, and AJAX all share a typical issue you can’t link them all to a single page. Try not to utilize Frames at all and utilize Flash and AJAX rarely for good SEO results.

Image depictions

Spiders can just search content, not the text available in your images which are the reason you have to make the words linked with your images as illustrative as could reasonably be expected. Start your image names including an “ALT” tag permits you to add keywords rich description for each image on your site. Idealize Optimization is the best simple approach. The visible content around your images is significant for SEO


Your content should be fresh and upgraded frequently and regularly is significant for increasing the traffic. Your site should include useful information about product, topic, service, and product.

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One approach to get a fresh content for your website is to include a blog on your website. An excellent blog is the best way to reach your customers and create more opportunities for the external and internal linking. It also gives a good personal voice to your site.

Create Links to others

A simple approach to direct more traffic to your site is by creating a relationship with different sites. Try to add your link on various other sites as many as possible. This will increase the popularity of your site and also bring more visitors to your site.

These are the basic tips for the SEO beginners. Try to work out these points and share your experience with us by commenting in the comment box. If you like this article feels free to share it with your friends.