Top 5 tips to Boost Your Instagram Followers


A social media platform that has grown immensely and recently surpassed Twitter in the number of monthly active users, yes that’s Instagram for you. Instagram is an amazing photo and video sharing network which has accumulated a total of 500 million active users and is becoming the prime focus for various brands to connect with their new potential customers. But hold on! If you have signed up recently, then it is possible that you don’t have many followers. So here are some simple tips that you can follow to boost your Instagram followers.

Create your Goal:

The first and the foremost thing you should do after creating your Instagram account is to pick up clear focus for your account. For instance, your goal is food and travel niche Instagram profile then you should stick to it, post high-quality attractive images of cuisines or traveling destinations, this thing not only attracts visitors also urge them to follow your profile.

Start Following:

Now you are clear with your goal, the second step is to start following your friends, colleagues, audiences that are related to your goal. This process sends them a notification and generally, in return, they follow you. This is a simple rule of reciprocation which is common on social media. The whole process is to be active and by doing this you will also get some idea about your audience post, what type of post generally gets the double tap, what attracts users. Therefore it is an easy win-win situation for you.

Use Relevant and Popular Hashtags:

Now, this is the best thing in Instagram that whenever you use popular #tags a notification reaches to the community that your hashtag is being used which helps you get more and more followers. Using hashtags according to the image are relevant but remember to use popular hashtags you can also take the help of Webstagram or Google for finding popular hashtags related to your niche, also remember not to use excessive hashtags because then it makes your post look spammy and unattractive.

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Post Frequently, Host Contest:

Now once you are active on Instagram, posting frequently attractive images, videos with popular hashtags will attract new followers to your profile and will also engage them, but do remember you do not post maximum of 5 images/videos on a particular day because over posting can also cause users to unfollow you, as your account won’t be attractive to new followers.

Secondary, there is another method to bring and engage new followers to your Insta page is by hosting a contest. This is the best tactic people use to engage users. For instance, take an awesome picture, host a contest according to the image share the details in the caption below, put a reward for the winner, link your Instagram with your Facebook page to gather more visitors to your contest.

Note the Best Time to Post:

This is the most important tip and tricks to gather more and more followers to your Insta page. If you have analyzed for you, which is the best time to trend your post than half of the job is done because Instagram uses new feeds as a post update, So right time posting will engage your followers to watch your update. There are many methods to analyze the best time to post. For Instance, if you are targeting audience of US then the best time is to post in morning 9 am or in evening after 5 pm at that time images/videos do trend, hence in return, you will get the double taps and followers.

So, following these above tips and tricks will simply help you engage more users to your Instagram and help you to boost your Instagram followers. Hope you like this article. Share with your friends and post your comments in the comment box about your experience.