Reset CSS


The main purpose of Reset CSS is to make your website style same in all browser. You know every browser has its own styles. For example if you give ‘h1’ tag, the font size of h1 tag may vary from browser to browser. Likewise for many tag every browser has different styles. This will surely create headaches for CSS authors because when I was writing CSS for the first time this was the major problem for me. At that time I didn’t know about the name reset CSS. I searched in google using keyword “how to solve browser issues in website”. After long research I was come to know about Reset CSS.

I got different Reset CSS written by different CSS authors, finally I choose one and use it for my project. By using the Reset CSS you can set the styles of all browser to null and hence you can apply your own styles.

But for some tag all browser has common styles. For example if you use ‘a’ tag for link, it shown in blue color and visited link in purple color in all browser. Anyway but majority of tag has different styles.

Here I am giving you one type of Reset CSS which I am using in all my project and it works fine.