Easy Steps to Update WordPress Manually


Already you know WordPress is one of the best CMS. Today many bloggers used WordPress to create their blogs. Often WordPress released the new version with new functionality and in WordPress admin panel it will ask new version available Please update now. You can update WordPress automatically or by manually. I always prefer to update it automatically because it is an easy one and does not take much time to update. But in some cases when you update it automatically it shows the error message and will not get the update at that time you need to update it manually.

You may ask is there any chance to the problem occurred when updating it automatically? Mostly the chance is less to the problem occurred. For me when I tried to update one of the client WordPress sites automatically it throws an error message and didn’t get the update. So I update it manually and it gets updated successfully.

Now I am going to teach you how to update WordPress manually in step by step. Before continue I assume that you how to use FTP, because you are going to do it through FTP.

Easy Steps to Update WordPress Manually

Step 1: Backup files and Database

In the first step, you need to backup your WordPress file and database which is more important. The important folder you need to backup is wp-content folder because in this folder only all your plugins, uploaded files and themes are present.

Step 2: Deactivate all Plugins

In the second step, you need to deactivate all your plugins from your plugin management panel.

You may ask why I need to deactivate all plugins. In order to avoid a problem with happened with the new version, you should deactivate it. Because some plugin may not work with the new version and it shows error in your site. After completing the update you can update it.

Step 3: Overwrite your files

In this step, you are going to overwrite your old files with new files. First download Latest version of WordPress from WordPress site.

You can do overwrite process in two methods.

Method 1: In this method, you are going to upload your downloaded files and replace the existing files. By this method, you can save your uploaded images and themes.

Method 2: In this, you are going to delete all your old files and then uploaded your new files. By this method, you can assure all old files are getting replaced by new version files.

Generally, the Second method is the best one because in first method you didn’t know whether all files are getting replaced or not and if any files didn’t get replaced means it will throw an error.

Step 4: Run the Upgrade Script

After overwriting all old files with new version files Go to upgrade page(http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php) and upgrade it.

Step 5: Reactivate your plugin

Almost you have done now it is the last step in this step you are going to reactivate all your plugin one by one in plugin management panel. After reactivating please check all plugin works correctly or not because maybe some plugin will not work with new version.

That’s it you successfully update your WordPress site manually. I hope you will use this method for a manual update of WordPress. If you have any feedback please commented on it below.