Basic tips to learn Photoshop


Are you interested in learning Photoshop? If yes means read this post. Here In this post, I am not going to give you any tutorial about Photoshop. Then what I am going to tell you?  I am going to share my experience with you. As I told in the about us page I got interested in website building so I joined web designing course. There I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL but not Photoshop. After Completed my course, I searched jobs for four months and finally I got the job as UI/UX Designer in one Company where I learned the lot. Here only I learned Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator and Mr.Shivakumaran, CEO of this company trained me. Yes, here in this post I am going to tell you what he told me about learning Photoshop.

The first thing you need to set your mind as “Photoshop is easy”. If you think Photoshop is difficult then surely you will find it as difficult. There is no difficult in it if you have interest means you will surely learn it easily.

Second thing tries to know the uses of all tools in it. Without knowing the purpose of all tools how can you use it? So study all tools step by step. Please don’t start designing work without knowing the use of all tools.

The third thing starts by tracing images and don’t try to draw your own images at starting levels. Take some images like vector icons and trace it then color it as the original icon. The main things try to learn how to use the pen tool. The pen tool is very important for drawing. So trace many small vector icons, glossy icons and color it.

Now you learned to trace small icons then go to the next level try to trace large images and color it. Likewise, try to trace many images and icons exactly as the original images. If you practice those things correctly then surely you get confident to draw large images.

If you can draw single image means then you can design posters, banners or any other Graphics.


See the above image My sir gave me this image for tracing and I took 3 hours to done it. I learned Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator in this way only and also I trained one of my friends using this way, now she is also UI/UX designer.

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So be Confident, be Patience and follow these methods you can easily learn Photoshop, fireworks, and any other designing tools. If you have any feedback please leave your comment below.