Custom Checkbox and Radio Button Using CSS3


In olden days it is difficult to enhance the style of checkbox and radio button, but nowadays it is easy to do and it can be done by using CSS3. Mostly Checkbox and radio button are used in forms. You can style your forms match with your templates and at that time you need to style your checkbox and radio button.


In this post I am going to show you how to create custom checkbox and radio button using CSS3. For understanding this post you need to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Step 1: Create HTML Mark up

In first step you need to create your html document. For demo purpose I give you one HTML document. In this HTML page you can see one set of radio button and checkbox.

Step 2: Create Checkbox and Radio button style image

Then you need styled checkbox and radio button image. I give you sample image and so you can create your own image.



Step 3: Create CSS Document

This is the final step and in this step you need to create your CSS document. I create one CSS document for above HTML page. Here I am using CSS pseudo-elements :before and :after. And also I hide default checkbox and radio button style. Please take a look at the below CSS document.

That’s it now you know to enhance the style of your checkbox and radio button. If you have any question you can leave you comment below. Are you enjoying this post? Then don’t forget to share this with your friends.