Quick and Easy tips for Photoshop Beginners


Photoshop has changed a lot according to our transformation of imagination. Learning Photoshop would be really great if you are working in a digital workplace. Photoshop is considered as the master of creativity skill. Every individual who has a passion for Photoshop will possess the creative knowledge skill. If you want to work in various domains such as web designing, animation digital magazine, and photography you need to learn the Photoshop skills because they all are deeply interconnected. A photographer cannot complete his job without Photoshop because photography is not possible without using Photoshop.

Manipulation is really essential to develop your Photoshop. It will help to make your best photos into an awesome masterpiece. Photoshop is a digital art and learning Photoshop is a slow process.

In this article Let us discuss some Quick and Easy tips for Photoshop Beginners. These tips will help you to develop your Photoshop skill which will assist you in all the photography works.

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

The processing workflow can be speed up by learning the keyboard shortcuts. There are various keyboard shortcuts that are used for various tools in the toolbar. The most widely used shortcuts are given below

The Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

B – It is a paintbrush tool

D – It sets the foreground/background colors to default

E – It is an eraser tool

F – It toggles through display screen modes

S – It stamp or cloning tool

V = it is a move tool

W – It is a quick selection tool

X – It swaps between background and foreground color

Space-bar = it is a temporary hand key

Ctrl+j – it duplicates the selected layer

These are most frequently used Photoshop shortcuts. The shortcuts knowledge will gradually increase when you start working with the programs. You will work faster when you completely know all the shortcuts available.

Adding a Vignette

If you need to darken the frame edges then Vignette is the best technique. This will make others focus more easily on the subject. If you have the subject at the center then you can use this procedure effectively. This technique will easily create a dark space around the subject.

Though there are many manual methods for adding Vignette in your photos but the easy method to add Vignette is through Photoshop.

Photoshop Filter Gallery

You can implement the Filter effects to your image with a few clicks. It is basically an automated effect to apply to your photos. If you want to make your photo have special effects or look bright then you can use the Filter option. In Photoshop you have various filter option which can be applied for different images to get different effects. As a beginner, you can try out all the filter options available. When you are completely familiar with all the advanced techniques and tools then you can try to use the manual controls and options.

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Follow the below steps to implement the filter effect.

  • Select the layer
  • Go to Filter option and click Filter Gallery.
  • Make sure you change the image to an 8 bit before applying the filter in the gallery. This can be done by selecting the Image option and click Mode then select 8 bits/channel.

Hope you got some basic Photoshop tips and this will help to enhance your photos and develop your Photoshop skills. Keeping practicing Photoshop every day because learning Photoshop takes some time and finally helps you to become a Photoshop expert.

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