Top 7 tips to drive traffic to your site through Twitter


If you wish to use Twitter to help you marketing your business, then you should utilize it in a more profitable and productive manner.

The best thing about Twitter is that the many people use it to share their thoughts and are eager to know about others business or work. It doesn’t make a difference what your business is about, you will have the capacity to discover people who are interested in your business. This permits you to rapidly discover people who are your target audience. There are 7 top tips that you can be useful to drive traffic to your Twitter account.

Utilizing Twitter and Blogging Together

To get the most out of Twitter, you must start marketing Twitter on your website and there are a few easy approaches. The clearest approach to doing this is to add the Twitter button on your home page, or even better within your sidebar with the goal that it is displayed on all your site pages. This button connects directly to your Twitter account, permitting people to join and follow you.

Social Media Icon

Another awesome approach to promoting Twitter on your website. Add the sharing links in all your posts. On the top, the page tries to display ‘Add This’ share buttons. This allows everyone to share your posts on any of the social media sites, including Twitter. Counters can indicate how prominent your posts are on new visitors. Additionally, think about setting as a Recent Tweets box on your site. This will show your most current tweets that your visitors might be interested. At last, this is simply one more approach to encourage the people to ‘follow ‘you.

Promote Yourself

You must ensure that you promote yourself and your blog on Twitter. On the off chance that you can do this well, then you will have the capacity to produce a strong brand image that will be useful over the long term.

One of the key parts of your Twitter profile is your profile. Compose a profile that clearly explains what your blog is about and add a perfect link to your website. This sounds truly simple, but it takes the time to implement this.

Make Friends

Twitter is a social site, so you get a good opportunity to make friends, share thoughts, make an inquiry, re-tweet, and so forth. Blogging is a group, so find comparable people that blog within your field and collaborate with them. The more the blogging friends that you can communicate with, the better your blog will be as you will have the capacity to impart thoughts to each other.

Listen to Your Twitter Followers

The best aspect concerning Twitter is that you can get instant response to your tweets from your followers. It is imperative that you listen to your followers. If you don’t get much response from one of your tweets, it might be because there isn’t much enthusiasm for it. You can simply ask your followers what they like and what they don’t and why. In this way, you are utilizing Twitter as a tool for surveying and market research that can help you with your business.

Have Conversations

Twitter is filled with people having great discussions with each other. The best ones consist of valuable data that can be extremely useful to you. Try not to be shy, get into discussions, make inquiries and add to the discussion, or even better begin your own. People are exceptionally useful when you are pleasant to them, you can learn many things from a wide range of people and build a good network of people.

Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter permits you to modify your Twitter account, so you can change the colors and you can upload your own background picture. By modifying your twitter account, makes you stay different from the rest of the people.

The background picture is an essential part and this help to convey more information to your followers. You can your business website address, and your products and services.

Thus, by utilizing these tips you can drive more traffic to your twitter account. Hope you like this article and please help us to know about your feedback. Share it with your friends and subscribe for the latest updates.