4 Tips to Increase the Blog Traffic


In recent times, the blog has emerged as a global platform to express ourselves and to communicate with a large audience. It is an easy way to be heard and at the same time, one can earn from his blog using tools like google AdSense.

Everyone wants to be successfully and for a blogger, page traffic or page visits speaks of his success. Today I am going to share 4 tips with you which can help you in increasing the blog traffic by four fold. Give it a read.

1. Make your blog content drive

The first and the foremost important point to increase the site traffic is to have great content. Below are a couple of points that would help you to ensure that your blog has good content

  • Write on a specific topic. Do not deviate from the theme of the blog
  • Have a lot of images and graphical content. No one likes to read a blog which only has written material. For example of you have a food blog and you are putting up a recipe, put a lot of pictures of the dish while in making. That helps a lot in drawing audience’s attention.
  • Update your blog regularly. Do not keep your audience waiting for a long time for the blog post. Keep updating articles at an equal interval.
  • Use creative headlines for the topics which can create a buzz/suspense among users on just reading the heading. This will make it easy for you to draw traffic through social networking sites.

2. Promote your blog / Networking

Second best way to increase the traffic on your blog is to networking and promotion. I am again listing a couple of points that would help you in promoting your blog. Go through a lot of blogs and do not forget to leave your footprint on those blogs. What I mean by this is that you need to leave comments on those blogs. Leave the link to your blog in communities and Facebook pages. Participate in blogging competition. That would help you in getting a lot of new page views as a lot of users would be reviewing the blog during the competitions.  Share your blog over tweet wherever you get a chance. Log on to sites like quora.com and answer the questions related to the topic which you write about. At end of those answers, do not forget to mention the address of your blog. This will help you the most. Below is an image of one such answer on quora where user shared her blog link to address the query.

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3. Use a lot of keywords

Basically, when someone searches for a point on google, the bots scan all the web pages for the desired keyword. So when you write an article, use a lot of tags and keywords which are relevant to the topic. This increases the visibility of the web pages. Below are a couple of points to take care of

  • Use long keywords as a google search for each word individually, this works like Search Engine Optimization.
  • Only use relevant keywords. Do not use keywords which can misguide a user.

4. Have a mobile optimized site

Today most of the traffic comes from mobile browsers and other handheld devices. People do not really have time to log onto a desktop or a laptop and read the blogs. Such user is only going to go through your blog if it loads immediately. No one has patience or time to wait for your blog to load. If your blog takes the time to load on a mobile browser, then check out some of the plug-ins which can help you in optimizing the mobile site of your blog. So, these were my two cents on how you can gain name and fame in the world of blogging. Hope this helps you in exploring the new territories.

Thus, these tips help to increase your blog traffic. If you have more ideas, please share it with us in the comment box. Don’t forget to subscribe for latest updates.