7 Tips to Select a Good Domain Name


Finding a fitting domain name for your website’s execution is a crucial task. And also a real brain whacker. To make things easier, here is a checklist, if you will, to serve as a reminder and guide whilst you develop an inimitable name for your valued project.

1. Save It Short

One of the elementary rules of the internet– keep it to the point. It’s a ‘name’ after all. Nobody like typing long URLs no matter how funky or cool you make it. Furthermore, people may misspell it way too often. Create an exclusive and attractive name for your valuable projects to give them a smart edge.

2. Stand impressive

The Internet is a vast and never ending place. There are millions and zillions of domains, websites, ideas popping every second, as we speak (or read). Naturally, not every idea or project triumphs. That’s why it is of utmost importance to develop a name which is not only clear-cut but also exceptional. After all, we retain unique contents a lot easier in our memory, right?

3. Mark your area

Having a name relevant to your work is a must and an obvious thing to keep in mind. Blend in some creative vibes with words that revolve around your work and voila! You’ve got yourself a name for business!

4. Investigate!

This is the most important rule of all. As said, the internet is a vast planet in itself. Research and make sure that the name you have come up with isn’t taken already by another idealist in some corner of the ‘internet planet’. There is no avoiding this rule – could lead to legal conflicts!

5. Use fitting extensions

Extensions play a vital part in your URL as a whole. There are several of them, like .edu, .org, .net, .info, etc. Based on your theme of the project to be executed, use the relevant extension. The oldest one is .com – which is still gold. Although it is tough to register a legally valid domain name under it, given that it is THE oldest extension and used by countless folks.

6. Avoid punctuation!

Proper grammar never hurt anyone, but when it comes to domains, better keep it words only. Using any sort of punctuations like hyphens or quotes is only going to make it look less attractive and difficult to recall and type it out. Remember – this is the Internet. There are numerous options available for almost everything. So it’s the best to make your product accessible in an easiest and smoothest way. (You can and you should make the website punctuated, though).

7. With the air of a Brand

We love branded stuff, not only for their quality but also for their name. iPhone, Nike sportswear, Puma bags – sound rich to the ears right? When your name has a classy and sassy feel to it, it will by itself become one of the popular new kid in the market.

Hope this write-up has given you a little more specific picture on how effectively to name your domain. Now gear in the creative in you and get brewing! Please share your comments with us. Subscribe to get the latest updates.