Top 10 Blog Post Checklist


Blogging is very classy, trendy job. It should be interesting and above all, it should attract the interest of the reader. Let’s share top 10 blog post checklist:

  1. First of all, we need to keep in mind what we are writing. If we do not have that information nor any idea, it will not attract readers. We should have proper information about the product so that we can share our ideas with them. Keep readers in mind, what they are looking for, which is more trending and what they are searching. Blogging is not an easy job, you should always think from the point of view of your reader. He or she should be interested in reading your blog.
  2. Always start your paragraph with a happy note, should be short and crispy. It should be interesting. Your blog should be in a paragraph. There are many writers who never read what they have written after completing, they just go and publish it. Always keep in mind that after the completing article or blog read it completely so that any mistake can be avoided.
  3. Select the topic in which you want to write, research it completely. Use the effective keywords, so that you can get more traffic. Lack of information on the certain topic never attracts readers attention. You should have enough knowledge of that topic. Engage your reader’s mind. Always keep their mind thinking about the topic.
  4. The title is the limelight of any blog because it gives the complete information about the whole article. It should be interesting, attractive to the reader. Keep in mind it should neither be too lengthy nor too short. It should be descriptive. After writing the complete blog, start checking it, check if there is any grammatical mistake or spelling mistake. Start reading it again. Do not waste the time of readers, keep the words and paragraph simple and easy to understand.
  5. Always support your evidence with concrete proof. For that, if it’s possible you can always share your link from the external website. It’s good practice. The reader will believe you and trust your information. Links and image which are included in the article or blogging should be working. It should be open easily. Add unique and interesting images.
  6. Avoid boring thoughts, don’t create too many stories. It should be straight forward as much as possible. Use subheading, use bullet point to explain the information. Your information should be SEO friendly.
  7. Your blog should be like that, that you are talking to your friend. Just like your smile and listen to your friend. Always listen to the thoughts of your reader. Ask them to give their feedback on your blog, any ideas and also allow them to share their experience. Create a connection with your reader. So that they do not go anywhere.
  8. Share your email I’d with them so that they can connect with you. Always respect their ideas. Advise them to subscribe your blog, advice readers to join you. Explain to them how you can make their life happy.
  9. Focus on your thoughts, your ideas. Do not always think of selling your ideas. Be committed to your profession. Sincere towards your reader. Do not rush to send your promotional emails to your readers. Understand them first.
  10. Add sparkle in your sentences which keep your readers attracted towards your blog. And at last your blog should be promising to the reader that means they get what they want. The opening sentence should be filled with catchy words. The final paragraph should be mind blowing and completely satisfy the readers demand.

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