Top 10 Factors That kills Your Rankings


Several times people think about making their website popular by necessary contents and services needed for their potential readers. But sometimes people miss out a single factor that to make one’s website or online portal popular and likable one need to understand the factors involved in search engine optimization, basically, it is related to the highest google ranking term.

To receive a higher google ranking one need to search for the keywords relevant to the popular website search. By using those keywords implementation the google will provide definite ranking suitable for the website. There is even a possibility that websites which used to get high ranking are now struggling to maintain their position and that is why the web developer or the creator need to be constantly aware of the changing trends in the google.

While struggling to maintain google ranking situation occurs one need to consider looking into these 10 factors which could be a possible reason to kill your google ranking.

1. Bad links attached.

It is one of the possible reasons that the website is holding its target keywords back by linking these not so necessarily important websites. Backlinking can also be a matter of thinking when it comes to targeting the keywords which can provide a total boost to the website created. Moreover, choosing a right amount of sources while preventing the back linking can definitely make much difference.

2. Building accurate anchor texts.

A person being in the website building profession or industry can clearly make an effort to change their ranking or optimize their website by building relevant anchor texts for the websites. Later on, things kept changing and now it is important to utilize the right amount of anchor texts to back up the website ranking.

3. Disavowing links.

As per the latest google trend is concerned, it is the newest part of the family. This disavowing link helps in creating a protective layer of support for the website from the unnecessary linking which leads nowhere. Therefore, while using this feature of disavowing links a person need to be sure of the fact that there are possible irrelevant links which is harming the website quality.

4. Lack of ideal content.

In short, let’s not drag this out, lack of content is something which lacks a quality length of the content which can be provided for the overall look out of the website.

5. Copyscape free content.

It doesn’t require much of an explanation for the term Copyscape free. And it elaborates itself as a content which is used in your website, but not necessarily originally conceived, but actually copied from the other sources.

6. Using no indexing tag.

In a simple way, no indexing tag or usage of no indexing tag can provide a better Google ranking for the web page created. Creating a web page which needs to provide available search engine optimized keywords to secure a better ranking could get some help from the no indexing tag.

7. Page title on the run.

As the most of the things are concerned title matters the most in this web page developing thing. Implementing a suitable title for the page or the content can definitely support the website in the Google search results.

8. User friendly

Sometimes the web page created can reach the target of the ranking as expected, but it fails in holding those ranking for their own good. And to overcome this situation a website provides a higher level of user-friendliness so that the website can stay put in their position for the longer period of time.

9. Page loading experience.

It doesn’t require any sort of explanation that a website which takes the time to open can definitely be marked as an unfriendly experience for their valued customers.

10. Bye, bye Https.

It is quite evident that while creating a web page one need to be careful of this Https as these are out of trend. To avail, a higher google ranking usage of Https are not so valued as compared to the Google Adwords.

Do you know more about the factors that kill your ranking? then please share it with us. If you need more information post your queries in the comment box and we will help you.