Best 4 ways to boost your SEO with Google Ad words


Numerous advertisers utilize Google AdWords as their major PPC network. Be that as it may, apart from utilizing AdWords for getting paid traffic to your site, it can likewise be utilized for SEO. Here are a few best 4 ways how you can utilize Ad Words for SEO.

1. For Keyword Research

The most important utilization of Ad Words for SEO is to research keywords. Keywords are the premise of any SEO campaign and regardless of the possibility that you are an expert in your niche, you ought to dependably look into keywords basically on the grounds that clients much of the time scan for very surprising keywords and keywords you as an expert will never consider. Obviously, what makes a difference most for high rankings is which keywords your audience is searching for, not which keywords you as an expert believe are most well known in a specific niche.

Keeping in mind the end goal to discover what clients are searching down, you require a keyword tool to research. It is easy to utilize AdWords to research keywords. You can either enter the URL of your site or put in some few keywords, the tool will then produce an entire cluster of proposed keywords. Take a look at the outcomes and try to shortlist the keywords.

You can now begin an SEO campaign for your keywords anyway it’s better to begin an AdWords campaign.

2. To Ensure that the Keywords You Have Picked Convert Well

After you have picked your keywords, you have to confirm if these keywords truly work for you – i.e. in the event that they change over legitimately. Regardless of how exact you’ve been when picking your keywords, in the event that you don’t test them practically speaking, you can never know without a doubt on the off chance that they function admirably or don’t.

3. For Getting a Better CTR with Your Existing Rankings

Apart from keyword search, AdWords is a good tool for getting a good CTR (Click Thru Rate) with your current rankings. You may rank well for a given keyword, get a good traffic, and still not able to monetize the traffic due to your CTR is low. The purposes behind this may be the different yet insufficient title and description could be an exceptionally conceivable reason.

AdWords can likewise help you get good CTR with your current rankings. For example, in the event that you run advertisement AdWords campaign and you are happy with the performance, you might need to continue changing your title and description until you feel you have achieved the most extreme CTR for your keywords.

Of course, it may take you two or three tries till you locate the best title and description and you may even lower your CTR all the while yet once you locate this m title and description, simply duplicate them as the title and description for your page keeping in mind the end goal to increase your CTR too.

4. For Geographic Targeting

One of the great utilization of AdWords for SEO is Geo Targeting. On the off chance that you do traffic bidding from numerous geographic areas, you can utilize Google Analytics to think about how distinctive areas change over. It is very normal to have critical errors in the changes for a similar keyword among the countries.

When you go to Google Analytics and see which countries are changing over best, you can put more exertion in them. For example, you can make local pages for these countries or focus on the geo-particular keywords with extraordinarily great conversion rates.

AdWords is a truly significant tool not just for advertisers. It began as tools for advertisers yet its utilization is not limited to only them. For some advertisers and SEO experts, AdWords is the most significant tools.

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