How to get free Akismet API key for WordPress blog

How to get free Akismet API key for WordPress blog

Almost every blogger is facing the spam comment issue in their blog. When you launch the new posts, you can see many spam comments. You need to save your posts from those comments. There are many plugins available to do this work. Among them, Akismet is the best plugin to fight with the spam comments. The WordPress parent company Automattic has own this amazing plugin. In this posts, I am going to share with you the steps to get free Akismet API and how to use it in your blog to protect your posts from spam comments.

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Activate Akismet

When you install WordPress, Akismet will automatically get installed along with WordPress. So you don’t need to install it separately. In plugin page search for Akismet and click activate. When you click “activate”, it will ask you to enter an API key. Check that screen below,


Get Your API Key

Click “Get your API key” button, you will be directed to Akismet website. In this page, you will see the pricing table. Don’t get scared, free API is available. Click “Get started with Personal” button. Check pricing table screen below,


It will direct you to the login or create account page. If you are already logged in means, it will direct you to the plan page. Please check the plan page screen below,


Now drag the price button to zero ($0/YEAR). All are going fine. The input field will appear, please enter the details in that input field and click CONTINUE WITH PERSONAL SUBSCRIPTION. Hurray, now you get your free API key.

Configure Akismet WordPress Plugin

Copy your API key which is provided by Akismet. Open your WordPress admin page, go to the Akismet setting page. Paste your API key. It will ask for some setting, you can set as you need. Please check the below screen,


I hope now you can activate the Akismet plugin in your WordPress blog with free API key. If you have any query or suggestion please write it in the below comment box.